A’ime Cristie and the fashion world

Since I can remember, I was embraced by the glamour and style of both my grandmother and my aunt who were my role models in the expression that I am today. I came to understand since a very young age that elegance and refinement is something that few of us are born with, while others strive to achieve it.

In truth I became conscious of the essence of what grace is, only in a balanced mind and an open heart. Many of us, ladies try to impress more with our clothes than with our smiles.

The line of clothing Money of Love by A’ime Cristie Inspired, is here to awaken the symmetry of perfection that lies within ourselves, to awaken in ever greater number of women, what only few dare to express, timeless, ageless beauty without the constraints of imposed trends which benefit few instead of many.

I personally do not believe in fashion trends as they do not address our most intrinsic nature, our unique signature in which we shine. They act more as an imposition of what I should wear, instead of what I love wearing, that signature trend which is of my own unique making. All the writings provided in the Money of Love bags which come with the clothing, are here to bring smiles to our lives to bring us in the embrace of our hearts.

I say “The woman is the painting and the dress is the frame” this is why the clothing acts as an extension of ourselves that unique soul signature in which we shine.

A’ime Cristie Inspired brand, A’ime Cristie “Passionate Clothes for Passionate Women” dressed up over ten thousand women across the globe, not in what they have to wear, not in what they have to be, but in who they truly are.

The brand has been presented and sold worldwide in Australia in over 30 shops, Ireland, Amsterdam, New York … also presented in fashion shows invited and sponsored by states such as China, Jakarta to participate in fashion weeks and events. The inspiration and the uniqueness of clothing won many times fashion on the field Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, also has been presented as one of Sydney’s top designers.

I thank all, who invest in my brands as you assist in bringing viable solutions and transformation in the magnitudes of people across the globe. We cannot wait to hear from you, and we await your comments with an open mind and open heart.

Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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