Who is A’ime Cristie


A’ime Cristie is the founder of Hearts of Hearts foundation, the teacher, inspirational speaker, author, philosopher, fashion designer and also the woman who dedicated her life in ever greater measure in researching, defining and unifying human values into inspired visions that lead to inspired lives where human will is present into one divine heartbeat. The experience and the areas of expertise of Cristie are recommending her as one of the best consultants, teachers and therapists in the field of human development.

A’ime Cristie is also the specialist in human consciousness who assisted tens of thousands of people across the globe in transforming their lives both on personal level as much as on professional one.

As a fashion designer, she made a bridge between our inner and outer world to the point where women wearing her garments, feel embraced by much more of their own nature which is the symmetry of perfection which now is embracing one’s soul. Many times in our lives, being a woman has been difficult in a man predominant business world. This gave rise to the A’ime Cristie Inspired Leadership for Women Classes, which is teaching how to be stable in any meeting, in any negotiation or confrontation by honoring ourselves, in our most intrinsic, sensual and feminine nature, that is actually or true feminine power.

She travels extensively, offering consultancy for both individuals and corporations, assisting in balancing the dynamics which underlie our everyday existence. By valuing our human potential realizing our resources ultimately leads to inspiration and meaningful lives.

Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie