For every single one of us at one many moments in our life wish to receive that very special gift which is more than a piece of clothing, an item of liking, or convenience. For those of us who wish to receive and give a gift which comes from the heart that represents the infinity of many forms of wisdom found in inspired messages and poetry, we ask you to consider purchasing from our range of clothing and scarves which are all packaged within satin bags filled with inspired messages that bring inspiration solutions to everyone’s life.
For those that are inspired about the Money of love concept, we ask to kindly write to us and let us know about your idea of engaging in the promotion and distribution of these items on the global market. We thank you for the presence which you have within our company and await your reply.

Please look up the pages for inspired solutions and more articles which transform any limitation into profound transformation.

Love and grace,
A’ime Cristie
and the team Hearts of Hearts

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Styling Advice

If you wish to have a customized look, kindly send us a full body and profile image and we will respond within 24 hours with the items and colors we think are most suitable for yourself. In case you wish to purchase a gift for a friend, regardless if you are a gentleman or a lady and would love our advice, please fill in the form which is provided at the click of a button. PLEASE CLICK HERE

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