The money of love items are the result of a heartfelt wish, to make a difference in the lives of billions of people, which might not be able to attend a seminar to transform their lives, to those that might not even have the patience to read a whole book, but they love to shop, and by doing so, they have a friendly encounter with the messages that we`ve written.

The purpose of money of love inspired bags, is also to spread this science all over the world, to be able to elevate human suffering created by the perception present in an unbalanced mind, to give presence to the talent of many gifted women whose hand are sewing and beading the garments, for this gift to be seen and valued by an entire world.

Hearts of Hearts foundation is dedicated to bring vision and purpose in their lives and to further reach ever greater number of people found in desperation and desolation bring work, inspiration and structure to these communities.

How can you assist in spreading this vision and this teaching?

No presence is too small or too big for this vision to be manifested in masses of people across the globe.
Either buying a scarf which has been touched by the hands of women from these working communities, or reading the inspired messages which come with the fashion, passing them one to others, will uplift and touch your heart and bring the manifested soulful presence in our everyday lives, as a blessed unified moment of one collected heart.


Love and gratitude
A’ime Cristie