The Fibonacci Corporation is a platform which has the purpose of bringing people together in a network which confers big savings for all the purchase items found on the site.

You might not be able to purchase 1010 $ worth of items which will make you benefit from discounts, yet together with your friends, you most certainly can. This is why we ask you to register for wholesale in the below box.

Once you register for whole sale, in order for you to be able to use the wholesale prices, your total purchase has to come at 1010 $, the garments are being calculated at wholesale price.

Regardless that you are a private person or a shop you can benefit from the wholesale benefits.
Money of Love is not only a fashion brand, is a lifestyle. This is why we wish to assist you when you love what you see, in purchasing not one item, but filling in your wardrobe with amazing unique creations that embrace you in who you are not in what you have to be.

I strongly believe that every single woman has a signature that belongs only to her, so I encourage throughout the site, through clothing, messages that are presented in magnificent pictures, to recognize the scent, essence of you in the signature designed by nobody else but you. If you wish to purchase a larger amount of clothing from our website, or you wish to have your ideas presented in a collection designed specifically for your stores, please contact us, as we will treat you as an investor in our brands, vision and purpose.
We are looking for inspired people who are willing to open up a business across the globe with the “Money of love” products and “Hearts of Hearts Classes and Seminars”. Please fill in the form and we will contact you, to respond specifically to more of your questions.

 Thank you for your business,
Love and grace,
A’ime Cristie and the Money of love inspired team


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