Wherever I would be, whenever I remember, consider gratitude,
The breath of my life
A’ime Cristie


The bellow words, come as a heartfelt wish of dissolving the boundaries of space and time, between ourselves, and those who we love, and cherish, in one moment of synchronous time, where distances do not exist. The love and gratitude of who we are, as we are, both the positive as much as the negative of our existence, would be the filling presence of this one moment in time.

Becoming conscious of the beingness that we are, instead of the doingness that we’ve become, is to establish a fair exchange between give and take in our mind, where we experience the state of grace through repetition, on day to day basis, until it becomes a habitual field of existence. There is a saying, where two or more gather in My name (Thank you, I love you) whatever they ask for it is given. Read more...

Currently I live in Romania where I teach .We started this moment of gratitude one year ago. It’s inspiring to see people, even a handful of them ,hundreds, by now ,calling each other daily, setting up their alarms clocks for 6 o’clock in the evening where in a moment’s presence ,of Thank you, I love you for myself ,those who s lives I touched and those who touched mine. I am one body, one heart, one soul. I know some of you will say “it’s a nice thought” but I can tell you, is not just a thought, is a moment where the whole universe resides as we are making up the universe with what we feel and act upon ourselves, and towards each other.

One day at 6 o’clock I was teaching and one lady’s phone went off .As I said; please can you switch off the phone? she replied : do you know is 6 o’clock? That meant something to me. I realized that even if I forget to remember myself on this day somebody else will remember me in gratitude.

Wherever, I would be, when ever, I remember, consider gratitude, the breath of my life
A”ime Cristie

Please ask yourselves -What if we can interrupt the thinking patterns of the habitual fields that support our ungrateful nature, the voids that we’ve created in our life?

What if this ungrateful state originates and generates our illnesses, aging and unfulfillment?

What if these fields don’t exist without our observation, our attention and consequent action of thinking upon the same problems?

What if by not changing our angles of viewing, we cannot bring any lasting solutions for these problems?

What if this one moment in time, can change the way I am viewing my problem, create and bring to the surface potential that I did not even know I had?

What if this one moment’s presence, rekindles in my heart, the life spark that is the source that empowers my being?

What if, this source of my being, awakened day by day made conscious through my own intent, has the power of manifesting so much energy in emanation, which has the capacity of reducing my gravitation that also means my limitation?

What if our unbalanced selfish nature, gives rise to these fields, and by the conscious intent of all of us, who take part in this moment, we are counted as an amplified, magnified, potentiality which assists the heart of the community itself?

What if this action will have a ripple effect in our families, in society’s mindset, as with our presence and increased resonance, we have the presence of transforming others?

What if through disciplining ourselves to this one moment a day, we will be able to counterbalance the actions, of religious extremists, which zealously and diligently pray for the advancement of their religion, and dissolution of anything that does not support their belief system? Please watch the movie radical Islam.

What if this one moment has the capacity of transforming the way we think about ourselves, about the intelligence that we are?
What if we would be able to transform the education curriculum found in schools, into purposeful and meaningful exercise, knowledge that would be expressing our magnificent self viewed from the perspective of a solar being, living in a galactic system, endorsed with a curriculum which would support our existence?

What if our negligence and disengagement, is paid off with much suffering, a limited existence and with families that are sustained by the collective ungratefulness that we co-create in our everyday existence?

What if our arrogance of judging those people that think outside the box, and actually have the capacity of bringing solutions for our everyday problems, leaves us with the feeling of abandonment ,from a universal God striving for eternity for that which is already here (Thank you, I love you), the universal solvent that’s the philosopher stone of our existence. You will not find me in a church of stone but in a beating heart.

What if by disengaging in solving global problems, we actually sink lower, and lower in our unfulfillment, and those things that once fulfilled our needs, become worthless and meaningless, our life being paved and paid with these results.
What if the challenges that we have both on personal level, as much as on a collective global scale, become bigger and bigger, because of our ignorance and disinterest of doing something about it, the choices being made, and actions being taken by many of those people that couldn’t care less about the collective well being, them being the reflection of our disowned self.

What if again through our statements “Is not my problem, let him deal with it” we disengage from being active participants in choice makings, waiting for the right moment, and the right time that usually never comes ,to do something about it?

What if through the above statement we leave people that are in top positions unsupported, them being responsible for carrying through choices, that sometimes are well beyond what they could handle, yet they have no choice because of the many that could not care less? Please view the former president of Central bank, James Wolfensohn, talking about the extreme problems that we are facing in current economy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a0zhc1y_Ns

What if we would give a helping hand in these people’s lives, whose grand vision and legacies touched, touch us to this moment, and assist us in having magnificent lives?

What if instead of saying, is not my problem, or is foolish, or couldn’t be bothered, we would say “ok, let me see, it might be worthwhile trying”?

What if there is no such person which has no resource that can be shared. When all of us, place at once our resources together, there is no what if left?

Please look at my, Hearts of Hearts table of gratitude recommendation made in graphics, which know ,will help to see ,step by step, how this tiny action can have such a profound result.

18:00 PM moment of gratitude


First step:
Being grateful for you, for today’s actions, both positives and negatives.

Second step:
Being grateful for other people that contributed to your today’s experience, both in a positive and a negative way.

Third step:
Being grateful for Hearts of Hearts presence, which is the unified field that holds our existence in a state of grace, people whose lives I’ve touched say Thank you for my presence, for my contribution, others have an overall gratitude effect with the summation of all the realization of who they are.
In this state if you are really grateful you don’t feel forms.

Forth step:
Being grateful for dr. John Demartini, without whose Breakthrough experience, we would not be touched beyond space and time and transform our limitations into magnified potential .Being grateful for all those that we know, contributed on a bigger smaller scale for this work to be facilitated worldwide, and have an impact in our lives.

What myself and the people engaging in this momentum realized, and I felt is valuable to share with you: there will always be people that support you and others that disregard you. For those who want, no words are necessary, for those that do not want no words shall ever be enough.

After the first few weeks, we felt more and more, the presence of each other as we became conscious of the other people’s presence that were in our field; when we checked we all felt the same increased presence of gratitude in our lives, in our hearts. This increased state of gratitude made us feel as a family, connected beyond space and time, where grace is the one only royalty that rules.

There is a French poet, Francois Maurice who mentions,, There is no person that crossed the path of our destiny, that did not leave a mark on it forever.; As the originator of this movement, Hearts of Hearts I am honoring myself for keeping my vision, my diligence, in studying universal laws, not taking no for an answer, and also for my courage of stating things as they are, no sugarcoat on them. I learned through my life experience, that if I am not honoring the people that placed the roots to my ideas, those people that paved and paid my path, I am a ship which has no water, sitting on bear ground, I am a leaf without a tree. So for those of you who feel and resonate in my statement, please add me to your gratitude list as you are most definitely present in mine.

For those of us that are keen in making this global community work, I know is working already, but to those that are willing in applying their knowledge and wisdom, in conquering our fears and becoming so visible that wherever we turn we would find ourselves expressing our knowledge, with keen willingness to bring about the presence of this work to ever greater number of people, please write to me, as I will provide you with the next strategy points of engagement.

Why gratitude?

I cannot put a price for being able to say thank you, I love you to those that once I resented, to wake up in the morning with love and warmth in my heart, to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants instead of living in their shadows, to be able to present myself as a worthy person of giving and receiving, to realize that my childhood wish, was not a mere fantasy but true potentiality coming in existence. Last, but not least, to be able to embrace myself for who I truly am, not for what I have to be.

Love and gratitude Aime Cristie

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