For love of money, or money of love
A’ime Cristie


Have you ever asked? How much meaning, there is, in the relationship that you have? Is it more a value factor, or do I have a heartfelt presence?

So, what’s the difference between a heartfelt presence and the value factor?

Looking for the next best deal, which means more provision of the value, that this person provides, represents the value factor, while the heartfelt presence, means regardless of how much value, I can, or can’t, extract from this relationship, there is a soulful presence beyond meaning and value, in which the synchronicity of complementary opposites resides. Read more...

The mere expression of gratitude, recognizing the value of service exchanged with another, changes the dynamics of human interactions, bringing it not to a new level, but in the presence of love.

“Love is all, all else is illusion” as Dr. John Demartini would say.

When, we tire of so called meaningless relationships, we start watching our backs protecting from ever again experiencing the dreadful feeling of being taken for a ride, If, we would not have a past experience, when in some form or shape, have been taken advantage of, would not act, as an obsessed freak like the mouse in Ice

Age, which even when the whole world was falling apart, is still holding to his nut.

Looking for endless ways on how to protect myself from anything that even remotely, brings back, that painful experience, of being used and abused, is occupyingmy life, and becomes my time. There is a saying, “time is money”. So let’s have a look, how much money we are making, or are we great producers, of fear pact time bubbles, where the smallest critical comment, acts as the bee sting, which flattens our momentum.

According to my observation, the chance of protecting myself from all unwanted things, is next to impossible. I cannot escape myself. The more I tried to avoid the unavoidable, the more it embraced me, from all angles, cornering me into a density mass of helplessness and hopelessness, where’s no chance of escape, so finally, I can embrace my shadow self, which was waiting for my return, the one who never gave up on the dream of love, the eternity kiss of my immortal beloved.

“You, are my money of love, said my soul.
Yet you won’t recognize just mere crumbles of my being.
You are more concerned with your earthly image, then with your immortal soul.
For what has been my suffering?
For what has been my word?
If you want let me recover, my priceless worth.”
I realized I’m the only one who defines the way; I live my life, and lead my way. My way is filled with people they all fruits of my soul.

You will not be able to say to one that is more valuable than the other, for they all have the same beginning, that is a generous and humble universe, ever ready to give rise to a new form, denying the ignorance of human existence, challenging it to the bone, where one is stripped naked from the worldly arrogance, acknowledging the wisdom, that is embedded into the brilliance of one collective heart.

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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