As we go through our life, we feel that we are missing many things. We wondering, why we not lucky enough, deserving enough to be acknowledged, cared for, or valued as others. Since I was a child, I wished to know how things work, so later I can define myself in the way I wish to be seen and acknowledged both by myself and others. Only later, I found out that there is a hidden order, a place where I do not feel that I measure less or more than others. The story which I share and the forms which I present to you, are very valuable, they are based on a lot of research in fields of science, on a heartfelt wish, to feel the presence of divinity in everything that I encounter and last but not least, the work with dr. John Demartini, the man who researched in the most profound way one can envisage, the universal laws which underline and define our everyday existence.

If you ready and tired of asking many WHYs, please do come with me on this journey which know fully will fill in the voids of your mind and the emptiness of your life. There is a story in the Bible where one throws away their talent (possessions), the other buries it and the last one multiplies it. There is also a saying to those who have much more it is given, to those who do not, much more is taken away.

First of all, it is very important to define what we value, we sometimes have ideas that everything is valuable, yet that is not so. If we go back in time, we realize that on many occasions, we changed our values, once they became fulfilled. To realize what you value, I recommend to go on dr. John Demartini’s page, where you see the value determination form. This very simple exercise has the power of clearing up the ideas which sometimes we have, that we do not know what we value, and where we are of value, which we label also our success.

From my own experience, we all need two things, much more of, love which manifests as our wisdom, and money to be able to enjoy and experience what life has offer. The presence of both these elements, underlines what we label a healthy existence. There is also a saying that you can have everything, but if you don’t have health, you have nothing. Yet we think of health only when we short of it, or we lose it.  Having a balanced mind which sees both sides, both the positive and the negative of our existence, an open heart, will grant us a healthy body and a healthy outlook on life.

So let’s see now, how can we fill in the void of our mind and the experience of our life with affection to the point where we no longer feel is missing. If this exercise inspires you, and the meaning, the interpretation of the word “affection” with the multitude of facets that it has, please subscribe to our newsletters and also send a request to be notified that you wish to purchase the DVD of 12 words that by knowing, you change your life.

I would love first of all, to define what affection means, because as for myself up to a certain age, I believed that affection is to get hugs, kisses and always get my way. Later in life, I realized that by having brought to me a cup of coffee, being asked by a colleague in school or later in life at work, as they see that I am struggling, if they can be of assistance, means affection, being supported when I am ill by my parents, my grandparents, even with “disastrous needles” is affection, being asked if I am ok with certain things in life, not being imposed upon, is affection, being criticized on the ways that I negate my value, either by my parents or by others, is affection. Not being left alone in the most critical moments of my life, being called upon many times, being offered a cup of tea, paid for my meals, given valuable ideas, is affection, and also saying thank you to a partner and letting them go on their way, no longer trying to hold on to them, as you see that what you both value has a world apart of difference, is affection.

Now please write down since you know yourself, up o this moment now, when, where and who saw you, that you were affectionate towards yourself and others, you have seen it and others have seen it, in seven areas of life, spiritual, social, financial, mental, vocational, familial, physical. Please write down how received criticism and also somebody moving away from your life as well was a gesture of affection.

Please this form, presented above, is based on my research and dr. John Demartini’s work and is under strict copy write, please do respect my asking. What you can expect by filling in a page following the above instruction, at least 100 moments of seeing where you have affection in the multitude of forms, few mentioned above. The thought of loneliness and being unwanted slowly and surely disappears, giving rise to tears of gratitude for once being, one’s life, our life experience never being the same again.

I thank you and I embrace you and cannot wait to hear your comments after you filled in this very simple, yet so fulfilling prayer answering exercise.

Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie