Money of love, the packaging which inspires your life

Money of love is a fashion brand, yet is more than that, is also the packaging which holds the wisdom which comes from reading and researching thousands of books which define all areas of life. The purpose of these writings which come in lovely embellished satin bags is to bring inspiration and wisdom, inspired solutions to all of us, regardless of our age, background or religion. Please read the messages as they most certainly will touch your life and make you see the hidden order which underlines our existence, also awake in all of us the wisdom of our soul. This writings assist us seeing from a different view, our limitations, and only if by few degrees, we change our viewpoints, we are able to see more value and blessings in our lives than hindrances.

In every single one of us lies the desire of living the most inspired life which we can envisage for ourselves, yet through many obstacles which we face, we sometimes lose our vision and focus to the point where is hard to define what is actually meaningful for us, that unique form which if we bring in existence, we can say that our lives are worthwhile living. Years ago I came across a science which is labeled the “Science of love”, the founder of it, being Doctor John Demartini. Knowing the truth about my most intrinsic nature, that fine mathematics which underlines my everyday life, assisted me to comprehend the deep meaning of William Blake’s words:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour”

Knowing, has been the blessing in which I comprehended that divinity lies in humanity this brought forward my childhood wish of finding God in a beating heart, more so than in a church of wood and stone.
On the click of every single button which define the seven areas of life, pages of revelations open and awake us, to the wisdom which we already have, but for many of us  have  been forgotten. The pages of luxury hold deep wisdom in the true meaning of lux, which is the light found in the wisdom of our soul, the pages of business and romance are pictured in a way where we see the many forms, values played out in our lives, this healing the wounds of our past.
If you feel that my words have touched your life, and wish to know much more about the classes and seminars, how to see yourself present with all that you are and you have in here and now, please fill in the request forms found at the bottom of the pages, connect with us on Facebook and the rest of our social platforms.

There is a saying that to those that have, gratitude much more is given, to those which have not, more shall be taken away.
We cannot wait to answer your questions, which we receive in the Drop a message inspired request forms.

Love and grace,
A’ime Cristie