My emotions have a big say in my fashion statement.
How my mind impacts the fashion that I wear
A’ime Cristie


Our mental states, impact not just the health of our physical bodies, but the way we dress, and connect with people. The more present we are with what we value, the more congruency can be seen in between what we say, who we are, and what we wear. As I say,

The woman is the painting and the dress is the frame.”

We can observe how we are the expression of symmetry in perfection where every single line is balanced, with a counterpart, to the point that we become the flawless look, that’s not caught up in sharp lines and striking colors to tire one’s eye. To the extent we have a balance thinking, our clothing is healing to our eyes, to our soul, as they compensate and balance our emotional states. Read more...

I am not sure about you, but in my life I have a presence of colors and different clothes that I wear, which compensate my daily perspectives. I have days, when regardless how much I would love a dress, would not be able to wear it, as that particular style doesn’t suit me, it doesn’t feel like a glove that would embrace its owner, feels more like a shell ,that’s disengaged from its host.

Probably, you would say, that I’m one of those sensitive people, I am, and I am not. We are feeding ourselves, not just with food, but with flowers, scent, touch and feelings. The feel and the sight of what I am wearing, is a food that compensates for my today’s voids. As long as I can dress up in what I feel like, paying close attention to my today’s needs, I don’t feel that my dress is separate, it’s hugging and its embracing me from all angles, to the point where I live and breathe in the symmetry of I am.

I had a look at the days, when like everyone else, felt miserable and discontent with who I am. In these days I might not care much, for what I wear, but the moment my mood, my feelings changed, I changed my style, my looks, my clothing as my importance increased, feeling love for who I am, instead of what I am supposed to be.

So, how can I stabilize my emotional swings on what I think about myself, and others think of me? The answer is simple, yet is an answer in many parts …

……to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace,
A’ime Cristie


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