Physical strength and beauty
A’ime Cristie


We are the inspiration that we search for. Some of us are inspired by physical beauty, vocational presence, while others by physical strength. There are quite a few forms in which we can walk in the shoes of beauty or even better, being the living breathing expression of that. What actually means to be beautiful? Is our beauty skin deep, or is it more than that.

How much of my expression is actually honored? How much of my talk, can I walk? Is it beauty the acting presence of my actions? Is it such a thing of being physical, without being spiritual? Can I act upon my inspired vision? Can I embrace myself in all that I am all of my forms and expressions in which I live my life, and lead my way? Read more...

Is it such a thing as a person that has no beauty, is it such a thing as a person that is completely ugly? Could this universe be so unjust endorsing some with tremendous physical potential while neglecting others? I thought deeply upon this matter for years.

While getting answers some were more satisfactory from my ego’s perspective, while others lacked introspection. I realized that I cannot have a correct evaluation on something that I do not know the most intrinsic nature of, the real meaning of form and beauty.

In our youngest age, we have a high value on physical, later, some of us become wiser, and as we realize that beauty comes in many shapes and forms all interconnected in the dance of light and life, every single form counts.

How can one get in feeling unworthy of receiving, incapable of having the ability to see light in their every day’s actions? How can you get from one day feeling gorgeous and beautiful into feeling worthless, dumb and stupid? For many of us, this is the puzzle that keeps us engaging and looking for answers, while others no longer ask the reasons of thinking why?

The mass, of ingratitude and sadness towards myself ,as I am the representation of my many failures in not being able to sustain myself ,in the image of who I am, instead of the ideal of who I am supposed to be, leaves me wordless ,with no more reasons in believing I’m of value.

Looking and limiting to a single moment, the origination of undeservingness and ugliness, that I feel is foolish, as for the more I look, the further I get away from the truth. The answers came, when I stopped and realized, that I in this moment, sum up all the previous momentum of all unworthy actions and observations that I both gave myself and received from others, which is not one particular event, but a trailing moment in time.

So, how can I overcome the deepness of this worthlessness that I feel, and reside in, which I label as ugly, with enough action to overcome my futility?

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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