Sensual Silk 1004

This sensual wedding dress is made from fine silk, with flowers embroideries and diamantes. This dress can be worn at a cocktail party, or a special event. The silk fabric has been hand felted and some of the details are felted roses. You can accessories this exquisite dress with one of our lovely scarves, made from silk or fur that has been coupled with silk felted fabric. Please look in our accessories range so you can couple this dress with one of our stunning handmade original design necklaces.

Fabric, Care, Custom Sizes, Packaging and Made to Measure or Sold Out

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Felted Silk.

Cold hand wash dry cleanable.

The clothes are the expression of beauty, presence of every woman .We wish to further inspire and provide you with a packaging that represents inspiration and solutions for our lives.

The item that you purchased, comes with a money of love bag. Please choose the colour of the bag ,and the printed text witch represent one of the 7 areas of life that you wish to include with your purchase. One area of life that represents a portion of one of the chapters from the book Wisdom in awakening can be included.

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