Social Butterfly
A’ime Cristie


I ask myself, how important is my social life? Is it truly important, or is it not? The answers that I received were providing a bigger picture of myself, than I imagined, and, how little did I know about this subject.

First, I thought that being social meant going out, having a few drinks, later when the drops of wisdom filled in my cup, realized that a social person, is much more than that. I realized that being social is more profound than just going out for a few laughers, or a few drinks. Many times, we judge ourselves for standing out from the crowd, with our looks, our smiles, and our laughter, as the appreciation and attention that we draw, is overwhelming.Read more...

To some of us, the attention that we receive makes us withdraw, from standing in our most authentic look and shine. From this moment, onwards we try to copy and imitate other people’s models, which we think suitable and acceptable as social and moral conduct, and by doing so, we end up with the soar taste of realization and Emerson’s words “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide.” So, if we went one way in diminishing our wealth and worth, for the sake of fitting in, obviously, we had enough value in doing so, to the point, where we realize the foolishness of our actions, as the impact of our self inflicted discreditation went further than just the social scene, affecting all areas of our lives, we choose to step up, rethink ourselves in what mostly matters, and shine.

Finances, family, physical, mental, spiritual, our vocational career has been all affected by our disengagement, from our core value, which gave rise to our meaning and purpose. What would be realizing my value which leads to inspiration? People reach out, as I inspire with meaningful conversations, all those that are willing and listen to my wisdom. For this, I get in exchange much joy, and fulfillment as my life is worthwhile living, no longer denying my assets that the universe endowed me with.

The label of social butterfly, no longer belongs to me, as my thoughts dissolute in the strength and charisma of my being, now, finally, acting out the social butterfly, which touches people with charisma and charm. The fear of socializing disappears, as now realize, that all that I admired until not so long ago in another, I have as well.

So, what are those key elements that make us see, who we are, that makes us want to belong to one another, to want to be touched in timeless conversation of meaningful pursuits.

Please, ask yourselves these questions, earlier than later, and allow me to be the pen that writes your script of you belonging. Send in a request to receive more on this topic. To be continued…


Charisma, what these people have that we label magnetic, that we do not see within ourselves?

Please fill in the request form to be provided with this inspiring exercise that will assist you in seeing, that whatever you admire in another, you have it as well, in your own unique form.

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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