Everyone loves to be loved for who they are,
Not for what they have to be
A’ime Cristie


”The truth about spirituality came to me one afternoon, for life is not measured in years, but in heartfelt moments’’
A’ime Cristie

The chapters in this book are filled with inspired stories that hold profound wisdom, in changing people’s lives, by healing our wounds that live in time. Life is filled with sharp angles and edges, yet if we see one side, there must be softness residing on the other. When we are broken by the sharpness of our everyday reality, we confuse the sharp edge that we’ve felt, with our very own nature. It takes dedication, investing in a higher purpose, to erase the thorns that once tore our flesh. This story belongs to no other than myself, as I thought cannot inspire others just through my own experience. Read more...

I, like many of you, who were, and still are, caught up in relationships, marriages which aren’t fulfilling, confused the parts of the person witch I disliked with the whole person. When we see that we cannot change the other according to our values, we wish to get read of them, which is a very painful experience on both sides.

In case that we succeed, we feel happy for a moment, yet that happiness is coupled with sadness as somehow we know in our hearts that our partner deserves to be loved just as much as we do.

I was married for 17 years to a man which I can say was my total opposite, that is ruthless, uncaring, cruel, indifferent, or so I thought. After many years of not being able to communicate in each other’s values, and spending less and less time together we chose calling it quits.

You might think, if that was so, what made us continue for so long. The answer is simple. We had one of those polite marriages, where we speak nice words to each other, seemingly never fighting and denying our mutual unfulfilment. So what made me change my mind, and see the other side of this man? The undeniable truth of my own existence, which was exposed to me one Saturday evening in the event of a lifetime, “Breakthrough experience”.

You would say: What can be so powerful to erase these thorns? It was definitely not forgiveness. We all know is a constant lead to forgive some more, until the glass is full. It was love; the stuff that the universe is made off; which healed my wound of so many years. On this afternoon I was facing myself on this form labeled the Demartini method, or as I call it the “MIRROR OF TRUTH”, as for whoever looks into it the value of that life will change, never being the same again.

The divine truth is very simple, we are making it complicated. The quantification of when, where and how, was I just as … Nice and mean, kind and cruel … as my husband set me free and also showed me through the law of transparency the truth of my heart which was never splintered or broken.

People asked, if you love each other that much, why you chose to go, separate ways? Loving somebody, means just as much holding into another, as letting them go, to live their lives and lead there ways, in the most meaningful way they can envisage for themselves.

For true marriage is not found only on a piece of paper, but first of all into the union of a beating heart. In this place, when I am in that place in you, you are in that place in me, the whole universe resides, one without the other no longer existing, but as a unit of a beating heart.

Every single recollection of my true form was rewarded with ever greater measure of magnified potential of knowing and living my soul being my true purpose as my essence in existence. What is the value of that? I would say is priceless for love and gratitude is not stored in years but in heartfelt moments.

In the last 24 hours of your life, if you will ask yourself the question: Have I done everything I could with what I had? You wish for that answer to be yes.

When you love somebody with all your heart, is no beginning or end to your journey together, saying this, I do not feel I got married, separated or divorced, as he forever lives as a heartbeat of my soul.

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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