Whenever I add value to people’s lives,
I am the value that has been added
A’ime Cristie


What is valuable in my life? What is the form, which gives rise to meaning and purpose in my existence?

How can I lead, a life of inspiration, instead of desperation? Is it possible that my life is the expression, of the thoughts, of who I think, I am?

Is the knowing of myself, in both the positive, as much as in the negative, of my nature, give rise to my inspired vision, as my acting presence, that I label?Read more...

“My life’s success”

Could it be that the measure of success is directly proportional to my authenticity, in leading and living my goals, in that, which truly matters? Could it be that, the lack in defining, and specifying, what’s most meaningful and inspiring to me, weighs down the quality of my life, transforming it, in a life of desperation, instead of inspiration?

The day comes, when we have enough, of trying to impress others, copying their models of success. In realizing our limitations, lies the moment for transformation, as we start questioning ourselves, trying to define the actions which lead to our unfulfillment. When we start changing our perspective on what life experience holds, in defined meaning and purpose, we become more authentic with our possibilities, resources, and place more detail in our everyday actions.

We realize that our time here is limited, and every action counts. We cannot do all things, and we cannot be there for all people. We engage, with those people that mostly contribute to our life, giving it definition and purpose. In acting upon our highest values, those things that we feel inspired from within, give value to our presence and valued service to others. Those high quality actions give reason to our vision, fulfillment to us and others.

Many of us take on careers, that pay well, inspiration has very little to do with our work, money being more important than the fulfillment of what we obtain from doing our daily jobs. We disregard what we feel, as we have no true calling towards this objective, minimizing the impact which this meaningless job, has on our body.

This career venture is ending for many of us in illness, depression, and let’s say the realization that money will not buy me the happiness that I think I deserve. Our career being a means to an end, looking for weekends and holidays to compensate for our unfulfillment. What to do if that applies?

What to do, when the observations that lie, in the obstacles of making the change, are more, than our presence which supports the potentiality of our transformation? Suffering, as I observed, from my life experience, was the necessary ingredient, which made me humble obliging me to question myself, on the lies which until now were consolidating my manufactured existence.

Many of us, tried to get rid of suffering, not seeing how this is the messenger, to our problems, not the causality of it. There is a saying:

“Knock and it is open, ask and you, shall receive”

What if the universe has its way, much like a school teacher, pointing to our place, in which no question lies of our truest meaning, and inspired purpose,? What if, we are born with a knowing, of no doubt, no asking of what we are here for?

The answers are to be found, when our questions reside in how to serve an ever greater number of people, acting upon what’s inspiring to us. What, would be like to realize that there are no mistakes, that every event of my life and action that I took, was calculated from a grander scale?

What if I would realize that the universe takes care of me, in all ways, in many ways, that no question is left unanswered, as our actual truest existence is taken in the domain, where nothing else survives, but our truest form of gratitude?

Would it be of value, to know you, in your most magnificent form, to know that you are the living breathing presence of divinity in humanity? What are those questions that by asking myself will lead to my unquestionable answer that gives rise to my most inspired existence?

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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