The bellow pages represents an excerpt from the book Wisdom in Awakening.

We all wish to be embraced by luxury, or do we? Why is luxury such an admired quality to one’s life, yet so fearsome for many? In my experience, both as a teacher and as a high end fashion designer, I came across multitudes of women that were craving to be embraced and folded into the delicate touch of silk wrappings, have the shinning of diamonds, yet so terrified of the thought of being strikingly beautiful in their individuality and world class.

When presented with very simple items yet classy in their sophistication and elegance, many hold back in a Oh My God, statement, arguing how embarrassed they will be as everyone will stare at me, devastated of the thought, in being the center of attention, this having more negatives, attached to it than positives.

When you come across, not few but many like minded women who want to cover up their individual self and hide their beauty, you start wondering why? After all, we are a society which spends billions on make-up and other procedures which are enhancing one’s beauty and looks. Doing research on this topic, I come across much more the same idea, also ideals that stop one from honoring their most intrinsic nature, grace which lays as a fundament to our existence.Read more...

The nr.1 reason for our disempowerment is none other than wanting more to blend in, than stand out and shine.

So what would one do, when wishes to be uniformized? What would one do when wanting more to be equal to the other than standing out in their own unique way? Obviously copy and imitate not just looks, fashion, make-up but strive to repress their unique signature of individuality to the point where that cease to exist.

One’s person being devoid of originality and authenticity becomes dull like the diamond which might have been brilliant once, but became lifeless because it never been touched and chiseled.

Our conscious intent of acting upon what’s truly meaningful for us in meantime honoring the beauty that lays in the form representing the signature of our nature, acts as a chisel upon a diamond which is seeing its reflection in all that it encounters, the idea of being ridiculed and humiliated for my God given beauty, fading away.

When this happens, people have that inner light which shines, labeled charisma, which oozing with confidence, self worth and knowledge about one’s worth. We usually are envious of those as they are apparently not trying to impress anyone, yet they stand out and shine. Emerson said, “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide.”

The more we try to repress our original self which becomes unconscious of its origin as it’s heavily burdened with ideas and ideals of what we suppose to be instead of who we are, we cease to recognize ourselves as a value, our identity being heavily denied.

When the mass of our ignorance weighs so heavily upon us, where we’ve discarded by now thousands of masks, we finally ready to embrace our ugliness in an equal measure as our beauty. We stop and smile to our wrinkles, to our flaws, giving up what we suppose to be and embracing ourselves in who we are.

The lesson lies in recognizing our own forms and embracing those flaws as ours. When we are expressing our flaws as our virtues not hiding or covering them up in many ways, we shine, which gives raise to solutions, to the emergence of our magnificence embellished in the delicate flower of our natural light, Lux.

-These page is an excerpt from the book Grace – Wisdom in Awakening.

…. to be continued
Warm embrace,
Love and grace
A’ime Cristie

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